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The flinkey UAT environment is a self-contained virtual test environment that simulates flinkey's live production platform. The UAT environment provides a shielded area where you can initiate API requests and develop your own application without affecting your main account on the production environment.

The flinkey UAT environment mirrors all functions on the flinkey production servers. After successful development and validation of the application, it will be activated on the production environment by our support. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at

Additional Information:

For further developments of your existing app, you can also use the UAT environment to have no impact on your own productive system. The flinkey app is working with the PROD environment, which means that the UAT flinkey Portal cant be used to test the flinkey App. Therefore the users can only be invited via PROD flinkey Portal.

For more details, check out the graphic below.

flinkey environments