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flinkey API Update Guide | 2.0 -> 3.0

Get the flinkey-API-Key value from the Developer page of the flinkey Portal

Rename Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key to flinkey-API-Key in all requests

Get token

the path, request body and response body changed (the new API v3 endpoint complies with RFC 6749 Section 1.3.3). Find more details here.

The token you receive from API v3 Get token endpoint is sent in the header

Authorization: Bearer {token}

The header WITTE_Api_Token is no longer needed

Get customers

this is a new endpoint in API v3. We removed the list of customers from the `Get token` endpoint in the API v3 because we wanted the new API v3 `Get token` endpoint to comply with RFC 6749 Section 1.3.3. Find more details here.

The customer ID is now sent in header

Customer-ID: {customerId}

HTTP status codes

The API v3 now returns proper status codes (500, 401, 200, 201, 204, etc.).

The API v3 now uses lower camel case to send and receive data in the JSON format.

flinkey Box uninstallation using API v3

If you uninstall a flinkey Box using API v3, the operation also removes all assignments of the car. The assignments are deleted asynchronously. You will receive the response of the assignment deletion operations via webhook. More detailed information could be found here.